In creating Notes/Domino R5 for Linux, Lotus dropped the Netware version, because the Netware version had a low market share and Linux is new, cool and trendy (and as user-friendly as the proverbial cornered rat). Thus the highest Netware version of Notes you can get is 4.6.7.

A short lesson in marketing by name confusion.

- Once there was a company called Lotus and besides their all-time hit Lotus 123 they became very successful with their Notes groupware system. So successful indeed, that Ibm couldn't resist and bought the whole Lotus company in a 'not so friendly' takeover in 1998 (or '97?) for only 3,3B US$. So what used to be an independant company, now is a sub-brand of Ibm.

The Lotus Domino Server used to be called Lotus Notes Server (made more sense to me, since it was the server part of Lotus Notes groupware system).

So the Domino software could be called by it's full name: 'Ibm's Lotus Domino Server for Notes groupware system'.

Hmmmmmmm - what a name. So what does this thing do ??? That will be the subject of my next Writeup...

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