This track can be found on the Tool's Opiate CD at Track 6, at 6min and 66 seconds, however it doesn't appear to be on the Vinyl.

It is.

Play the record, and drop the needle into 'Cold and Ugly'. You will probably hear the track 'Cold and Ugly'. No surprises there. Just keep trying...

The Gaping Lotus Experiance is interwound with the regular groove on the record, so that normally the needle never plays it. If you drop the needle in the right place (the second groove) you will hear the secret track. Once it has played, the needle will travel back into the regular track again, and move into the track 'Jerk Off'.

Klaproth nuked everything in the hidden track archive, for reasons known only to him, but I think anyone lucky enough to own Opiate on vinyl should know about this.

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