I scared the shit out of a cell phone driver.

To those who don't think cell phones distract drivers, I'd love to differ. I was on my way home and someone down the road pulled into my lane, going MY way (head on). She was gabbing away on a cell phone, and I took it upon myself to make sure she'd never do this again.

I maintained current speed and heading. There was a four foot median in the road so she couldn't just jump into the proper lane. But there was an intersectrion she could jump across that laid well before my projected collision area. I even verified there was no traffic in the other lanes for her to hit while trying to get out of my way.

We weren't going very fast, I was going 35 and she was at 20. But that means that we were heading towards each other at about 55. She was laughing at the phone when she finally saw me. Her eyes became the size of dinner plates when she saw 1/2 a ton of Ford truck closing at 50 mph from over the wheel of her econobox.

She quickly took the escape route I'd planned for her, and good thing I'd checked because she didn't look behind her. She was too busy giving me a look and yelling presumably foul stuff at me. Which didn't shake me at all, she had the window up. Whoever was on the phone probably got an earfull though. Class dismissed.