This movie was made in 1993, and stars Matthew Modine, Alan Alda, and Lily Tomlin. Plus an array of guest stars including Richard Gere, Phil Collins, Swoosie Kurtz, Anjelica Huston, Bud Cort, and Steve Martin.

It was based on the book written by Randy Shiltz, and directed by Roger Spottiswoode.

Executive Producers were E. Duke Vincent and Aaron Spelling. (Apparently Spelling can make movies that don't suck.)

My favourite part of this movie is when the CDC holds a conference to discuss testing the blood supply for Hepatitus B, in order to screen for AIDS, because they hadn't found the virus yet, but knew the Hep B test was 88% effective.

Blood Bank Head Honcho :
"Is the CDC seriously suggesting that the blood industry spend one hundred million dollars a year to use a test for the wrong disease, because we've had a handful of transfusion fatalities and eight dead hemophiliacs?!?"

Don Francis (Matthew Modine) gets up and yells:
"How many dead hemophiliacs do you need? How many people have to die to make it cost efficient for you to do something about it? A hundred? A thousand? Give us a number! So we wont annoy you again, until the money you begin spending on lawsuits makes it more profitable for you to save people, than to kill them!"