The second Simple Minds album featuring only Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill, Good News From the Next World is a more back-to-basics approach than the Minds previous synth-pop offerings. Burchill's keyboards are kept to a minimum, and his guitar work is allowed more room to shine. Kerr's lyrics seem to focus on taking a new direction, and looking toward the future, echoing the changing sound of the band.

Overall, Good News is one of the more solid releases from Simple Minds. They moved away from their U2 influence (though Great Leap Forward reeks of The Edge) to create something that is more their own. It is something of a sleeper album, but repeat listenings reveal one potent rocker after another.

Rolling Stone (3/9/95, p.64) - *** - Good
"...Perhaps it's a Scottish propensity for making oneself heard, but Simple Minds' music consistently taps into a primal freedom....Simple Minds shouldn't be dissuaded from their reckless, exhilarating leaps of faith..."

  1. She's A River
  2. Night Music
  3. Hypnotised
  4. Great Leap Forward
  5. 7 Deadly Sins
  6. And The Band Played On
  7. My Life
  8. Criminal World
  9. This Time

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