A great television music program that was on for one season, maybe two, hosted by David Sanborn, featured somewhat out-of-the-mainstream guests like Sun Ra, The Residents, The Red-Hot Chili Peppers, Christian Marclay, Pere Ubu, to name a few that I remember seeing. It was a fantastic show, which probably explains why its run was so brief even though it was on pretty late.

Joe Jackson's 1994 album.

It took 3 years for Joe to follow up Laughter And Lust, and in the interim he did a lot of soul-searching. He finally laid down music without regard to whether it was popular, or what style it was, just writing what he wanted. The resulting album is a stunning mix of instrumental pieces with a mix of classical instrumentation and electronica, with Joe not doing all the singing, enlisting the services of Maire Brennan and Renee Fleming among others.

So he brings this album to Virgin Records America, and they agree to release it, but don't really see how they can promote it, so just let it languish. This will result in Joe leaving his second record label and looking for yet another one.

This is one of the best Joe Jackson albums, in my opinion. It's so moody and atmospheric. The songs are just plain beautiful with a haunting, eerie lonliness that is just incredibly profound. It's not easy music to listen to, but it's incredibly rewarding.


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