Sgt Pepper's Concert Party is an annual concert for charity, held in Berkhamsted, just outside London, UK. It first started in 1989, as a one-of event to raise money for local charities. After the first concert, people kept asking the organisers to do it again the year after, so they did.

After about the fourth year, they decided that it would be easier if they had their own charity to support, so the Pepper Foundation was created.

The first concert was, as you can probably imagine, the Sgt Pepper album (by The Beatles). Over the next few years, they performed various other Beatles albums (Magical Mystery Tour, and others), but this has diversified over the years since.

1998 saw the tenth show, which was a two part show - the first half being the Sgt Pepper album again, and the second half being a run down of the top 20 songs from previous years (as voted for by the audience in 1997)

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