So, you're Joe Jackson, it's 1990, and A&M has just dropped your from their label after 10 years of making albums, becuase you're not hip or you don't sell enough albums or whatever.

You write some new songs, and shop for a label. You do a mini-tour before you've even recorded the album to rehearse the songs and give your fans something to enjoy. Virgin Records America decides to pick you up for one album and options on the next two. They say they'll promote you and sell your stuff. Sounds good.

Laughter And Lust was released in 1991. It's a pop album with the feel of Blaze Of Glory, and yet you can feel Joe's frustration with the music industry building--especially the song Hit Single which is a hit single about a hit single filled with cynicism about the whole process. After this album, Joe will go into hiding, writing his book and figuring out what to do with his career.

Interesting note: Many years later, the song Stranger Than Fiction showed up on the Party Of Five soundtrack.


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