I walked out of a tutorial yesterday in disgust - it was Systems Analysis and Design, a great subject. But the tutor walked in to the three hour tute, covered the required material in about 30 minutes, and then proceeded to sprukier about a website where we can get the textbook. "So what?" I hear you ask. Well, he not only devoted (reportedly) the next 2 1/2 hours to it, he also had:
  • The course website mirroring the commercial site! WHAT?!?!?!???!!? That is gross negligence of our education! We are a university for heaven's sake! TEACH US!
  • Prepared payslips for direct deposit in to the companies bank account! All filled out, just pay here! I know it is a convenience, but that is going too far!
  • A whole demonstration, with a student as a guinea pig to buy a book! He pressured this poor student in to buying it online with his credit card right in front of everyone!
Normally, I am a calm guy, but this was the last straw. I asked him over and voiced my concern and asked who to complain to. He said "Well, you know, I am not getting any monetary benefit from this." Yeah, like we can prove that! When I said as much, he said "You make complaints to me - " Of course I am, thats what I am doing, but who else " - or to the Faculty office." But it being well after 7pm at this point, they are closed. Hmmm.

So I rang the office, and left a message. That guy is going to be "disciplined". More to come as it comes to hand.