The starting basic troop and general lumber carrier available to the Undead in the 2002 hit game, Warcraft III

Physical Description: What once was man, becomes ghoul. The ghoul is an extremely thin walking corpse, stripped back to sharp teeth and claws, striped muscle and viscious intent. The muscles of the stooping ghoul are coloured with the team colours. While appearing fragile, they are remarkably strong and quite viscious fighters

Requirements: Built at: Crypt, requires: none, allows: none

Spells and Abilities: Despite having passed on, the basis of the ghoul was still human, and received unholy armor and unholy strength upgrades at the Graveyard. While initially weak in terms of HP and armour to start with, they can become realtively powerful once fully upgraded. Their other upgrades include Cannibalize, available immediately at the Crypt, where the ghoul consumes a nearby corpse to regain 10HP per second for up to 30 seconds. Once your Necropolis has been upgraded to the impressive Black Citadel, you can research ghoul frenzy at the Crypt, increasing their movement speed and attack rate to the be fastest Tier 1 melee unit.

Gameplay: One thing to note for a budding Undead power player is that you start the game with a Ghoul. One tactic I have seen is to send that Ghoul on a "suicide mission" to where you think the enemy is. If you find them, kill ANY workers and you will be ahead. However, you are also lacking your source of wood, so you need to jump straight to a Crypt and pump out ghouls to continue building. A Ghoul can carry 20 wood, more than any other worker of any race, and these "wood ghouls" obviously benefit from the upgrades of other ghouls. That means that if attacked, they can be pulled from wood duty and repel attackers, much like militia, but with a bit more punch. Ghouls are also "medium" armour, and thus don't have the weaknesses to piercing attacks that Abominations have. If your enemies go massed Archers or the like, switch back to ghouls and Crypt fiends - for a much cheaper cost, you trade off massive HP for more troops, faster attacks, but less damage. Ghouls can also be raised by the Death Knight at the Graveyard, or they can feast on the corpses there to heal.

Warcraft III Undead Guide

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Information gleaned from:
  • My own lovingly played copy of Warcraft III
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