A land-based unit available to the Undead in the hit 2002 game, Warcraft III

Physical Description: Large, spider-like creatures, the Crypt fiend shoots out masses of smaller spider brethren that trail green-yellow vapour. These spiders , once launched, will track their target mercilessly until they reach their target, returning to their creator once their gruesome task is done - it's cool to see a hero on 15 HP run as fast as possible, chased by little spiders, and finally hear their death cry!

Requirements: Built at: Crypt, requires: Graveyard, allows: none

Spells and Abilities: Being a malevolent creature, they receive creature carapace and creature attack upgrades at the Undead Graveyard. Additionally, they can learn the autocast Web spell - projecting sticky strands they drag enemy air units to the ground and root them to the spot, to be attacked by gorund-based units. This ability does not cost mana, and is only limited by the cooldown - 20 seconds.

Gameplay: With lots of HP, and good armour, the Crypt fiend should always accompany an attack force. However, this unit requires the Graveyard to be produced, so is not seen instantly. However, they can more than hold their own compared to other ranged units in the game, and can be a potent force if massed and in range. However, they do not benefit from the Dreadlords Vampiric Aura, so try to keep the Death Knight close to speed their attacks and regeneration. A handful of fiends should accompany any assault, but note that the Web ability does NOT work on high-level creeps like red dragons.

Warcraft III Undead Guide

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2004.6.10@13:27 bluescreen says re: Crypt fiend, as of The Frozen Throne, the Web ability affects all flying creatures. HTH
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  • My own lovingly played copy of Warcraft III
  • www.battle.net/war3
  • www.warcraftiii.net
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