DeviantArt is one cool art site... Wish I had the mental lucidity to stick with a hobby like 2D art. I haven't touched my camcorder in about 2 months. But I did manage to play the piano for about ten minutes yesterday. My creativity may be stunted, but it's still growing. Now all I need is the cash to realize my dreams... ;)

Recently the only thing I can think about is the etho-emotional problem I've been facing... For a quick recap, try yesterday's daylog. I still don't know what to do, and I think it may already be too late to make a decision. There's no easy way out of this, and I don't have the coherence to think straight for more than a few minutes let alone make a decision like this. I wish things like this were easier. But they're not.

My deposit finally went through. Too bad it wasn't really a 'paycheck'... Just an advance until I can find out exactly how many hours I worked. And I thought I was such a badass when I got my little PHP/mySQL intranet-database set up at work and started logging my hours. Too bad I used an 'event-based' system, and I don't have any easy way to add up my total hours worked. That's how ya learn, I guess.

But for now I'm still at the apartment. On her PC... She's in the other room talking to a friend she hasn't seen in awhile. We played Monopoly and I kicked ass. ;) But I did gloat a lil' too much I guess. heh... Maybe we'll talk. Maybe we won't.


I've gotta be at work in 10 minutes. I'm not even really ready... Been playing with my linux box for the past 45 minutes. Wonder if i'll ever get there? I hope so... I need the money, and the rep for showing up 'on time' would be nice.