The Israeli and Palestinian authorities disagree on whether or not a massacre ever happened in Jenin.

The US Secretary of Defense, General Colin Powell saw, and i quote "no signs of massacre".

I have no information to give, I was not there. Reports from either side are not to be trusted.

These pictures are claimed to be from Jenin. I'll leave it to someone who understands the script on those labels to tell us whether or not there is any evidence to suggest that this is so.

Wherever they are from, they need to be seen. This is what happens when people make war these days. There is no neat little Hollywood hole. This is how it looks.

Jenin is, by this reckoning, everywhere that people fight with bullets and bombs. There's no excuse for this. There can be no possible reason to do this to a human being, whatever the provocation, whatever the reason, however far you are pushed, however oppressed you believe yourself to be, whatever faith drives and justifies you.

Time for it to stop. Both sides, ALL sides, time for it to stop.