The day started like any other day. Woke up, showered, had my coffee, put on my lame uniform and caught a bus to work. I had just got back from a 10 day vacation so I was looking forward to working again.

I started my shift and noticed people were acting a bit funny around me all day. People acting funny and weird around me at work isn't really an odd thing, so I shugged it off. At around 12:45 the boss called me into the office for a talk. He sat me down and asked me why I didn't call in for the last three days. I pointed out that I was on vacation and that I had already cleared it with him. He made a stupid stunned face and looked at the vacation time off book like the words confused him. He fumbled with his words a bit and then asked me why I was 4 dollars short in my till. I said I had more than likey made a mistake, that wasn't good enough of a reason for him. He fired me on the spot and told me to take my things and leave out the back.

God bless the union.