British satirist and author (1870-1916). Born Hector Hugh Munro, he took his pseudonym from the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyam. He was a master of the short story and is often compared to O. Henry--both men wrote short stories with ironic endings, though Saki's stories tend to be far sillier than O. Henry's. Saki wrote many of his stories for British newspapers.

Some of his best stories include: "Gabriel-Ernest", "The Open Window", "Laura", "The Schwartz-Matterklume Method", "Mrs. Packletide's Tiger", "Sredni Vashtar", "The Storyteller", "The Lumber Room", "The Wolves of Cernogratz", "The Guests", "The Penance", "The Interlopers", and "The Mappined Life".