Comic book character, created by Greg Hyland. Comic strips are published online every day at http://www.lethargiclad.com - they're also collected into comic books occasionally.

Lethargic Lad's real name is Larry Ladhands. He's not a complicated guy, artwise--he's a bit stick-figuresque, with wild, staring eyes, no nose, and a few hairs sticking up in the air. His costume is a boring white sweatshirt with a black "L" on it, along with boring white shorts, and boring white--and way too long--cape. He does not have a superhero physique.

Lethargic Lad received his amazing powers by drinking orange juice, watching "Blue Velvet", and listening to Patsy Cline records. As the World's Greatest Superhero, he has access to a nigh-unlimited supply of superhero gadgets, ranging from Lad-A-Rangs to giant robots, but his greatest superpower is his Extreme Lethargy--which causes him to do nothing much but stand around and say "umm..."

Luckily, Lethargic Man has a whole squad of allies, including Little Green Boy, Lad of Steel, Lad of Tomorrow, and Evil Cyborg Lethargic Lad--all of those are based on the "replacement Supermen" who showed up during the "Death of Superman" storyline in the early-1990s. The Lad of Steel is big and metallic; the Lad of Tomorrow is dead-serious; Little Green Boy is young and has a short attention span; and Evil Cyborg Lethargic Lad is an evil cyborg supervillain who only occasionally tries to kill Lethargic Lad.

There are numerous other characters, both villains and heroes. Lethargic Lass is a cardboard cutout of a female version of Lethargic Lad. Evil Smiley Face Guy is a criminal genius who wears a smiley-face mask. Walrus-Boy is what Peter Parker would've been if he'd been bitten by a radioactive walrus. Guy-With-A-Gun is the Punisher without pants. Lay-Z-Boy can turn into a recliner. Starro'David is a giant space starfish. Rubber Shark wears a rubber shark costume. Mr. Cheese has guns that shoot cheese, and he shouts the names of random cheeses. Normal people, including folks like Rhoda and Chad, are often seen--usually, they're also dressed up in costumes, pretending they can fight crime.

Luckily for everyone, very few people commit any real crimes in Infantino City...

Research from a bunch of LL comics...