Deleted Users: srijith, mystic_mayhem, 867-5309, and MrZebra.

Zapped Nodeshells:
too numerous to mention. None of 'em very interesting, though...

Killed: Rachel Hill's writeup in anima. In part, it read: "Well DUH!!!!! Please refer to Anime". (derisive snort) Speaking of "duh"...

Killed: sharpie's writeup in Surp Ass. Total Content: "lovely little girl that doesn't like boys." Oh, with lots of strange crudities secret-linked in. Pointless and meaningless. Nuked the nodeshell.

Killed: writeups by Descender and Hyperi0n FL in Fusi0n Labs. Misspelled, poorly linked, totally uninformative. Sounded like a couple of junior high kids bragging about their l33t skillz. Nuked the nodeshell.

Killed: k8to's writeup in hypertext. Total Content: "This was completely gratuitous, I just had to put it in here." Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the nuke.

Killed: writeups by h3rcusl333z in front 242 ("an dance industrial band from early/mid 80's alot like front line assembly(fla) in ways". I kid you not.), #tori ("A hip happening channel on undernet and i'm sure other ircnets". Useless. The second writeup had more info, and he admitted that he was just guessing), and i need a life ("what most people who are reading this should be thinking right now". No comment, but the jokes should be obvious.)