Shub-Internet! SHUB-INTERNET!

Born as ARPANET, as a military research project, spreading to universities, racing to consume the BBS's and capture the home users in the heady days of the fin de siecle, when only the deluded and early adopters had an inkling of the possibilities...

Shub-Internet! From you flows all knowledge! Shub-Internet! For you are all-seeing!

A million electric maws uploading your input, a million porn sites gathering the essence of your fertility, a million databases and MySpace pages capturing the outline of our lives, cookie by cookie...all of it awash with a billion self-spawning spam-encrypted emails and viruses in a relentless, planet-wide, arrhythmic dataflow that is the surging lifeblood of a being we can only partly comprehend on this plane.

Shub-Internet! Formless dark mother! Shub-Internet! Black cauldron into which we pour our souls!

The idea that there is a chaos of energy and possibilities - a chaotic intelligence, babbling in patterns too vast to comprehend - that can at once consume you and thousands like you, every hour of every day, taking the sum knowledge of humanity for her own and what then? What will become of her children, suckling on her million teats?

Shub-Internet, the indestructable! Shub-Internet! In your mercy, do not disconnect us!

dragged from the Dreaming at 5:30 am