The 'belly goddess' is a particularly fascinating branch of the sex and fertility goddesses. These beings are utterly, utterly female. These women do not have a complete body--it stops immediately above the breasts. Below there they are fully formed. But they have no arms, no shoulders, and no head. They are usually shorter and smaller overall than normal body size. Their bodies vary in two additional ways from a 'normal' body as well: their eyes are set in the nipples, and their vaginas double as mouths. (This is the main perpetrator of the toothed vagina archetype.)

Examples of the 'speaks between the legs' goddess appear at least in passing in most myth systems the world over. (Although 'polite' modern society usually tries to ignore their existence.) The best known one is named Baubo, and belongs in the Greek pantheon--she actually factors fairly prominently in the combined myth of Demeter/Persephone and Persephone/Hades. (Really same myth, different perspective.) It was Baubo that convinced Demeter, when she was too depressed to continue, and cursing the world for her lost daughter, to resume the quest. She danced for Demeter, and told her deliciously dirty jokes until the powerful woman was laughing too hard to remain depressed and collapsed in laughter.

But "oddly" enough, because she is a 'dirty' goddess, the belly goddess is left out in almost all modern retellings of this story and others in which she originally appeared. And it's honestly a shame, that "politeness" destroyed such a deliciously raunchy, dangerously full of life, and truly delightful creature.

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