Also the Arabic word for Satan as well, which is I presume where Dune took it from.

Note: Shaitan is an informal name that has been attributed to The Evil One over the centuries and become popularised by association and absorption of local demon entities, the formal name for him/it is Iblis, the fallen angel. Worth noting that in Islam, Angels are made from Light, and Iblis was made from Fire, and he thus believed that he was better than humans (who were only made from clay/earth). Thus when Allah commanded him to bow down before man in the form of Adam, and he refused - stating that he was better than man - Allah made him Man's tempter and assigned him the task of trying to make Man commit crimes by persuading him that he was better than other men. He was condemned to this task until the end of Time, when all men would be called to account, and Allah would sort Satan out properly.

This implies two rather important things:

1. Pride is seen as one of the most terrible of all sins in the eyes of Allah.

2. Allah has a sense of humour.