Term used by the Church of Satan to refer to the many names humans have used to describe their favourite mythology's devil figures. The names are:

Wow, that's a lot of Satans. The attentive reader will have noticed that some of these "devils" are highly disputable: Thoth, for example, was an Egyptian god of magic and knowledge, who didn't play a "devil" role in Egyptian mythology at all. Likewise, Loki was more of a mischievous god than an actual devil (Norse mythology placed giants into the traditional devil roles, not gods), and his offspring Fenriz was a monster wolf, not a devil. Midgard was not the name of a devil, god or any such thing at all, the ancient Norsemen believed Midgard to be the realm of Man (Asgard being the realm of the Gods, and Udgard being the realm of the evil Giants) -- it appears the Satanists have mistaken the word Midgard for the name of the serpent that the Norsemen believed encircled Midgard -- Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent. Shiva, the Hindu religion's God of Destruction, is not exactly a devil either -- Shiva is one of the three prime Hindu deities, and destroys evil as well as good. Fans of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series will have noticed that some of the names of the evil characters in these books are more or less copied from the Infernal Names: Sammael the Forsaken and Shai'Tan, the Dark One. There isn't a long way between Asmodeus and the Forsaken Asmodean either.

But there they are, the Infernal Names, for you to use in your favourite nightly rituals or for picking a name for your very own black metal band. Be warned that naming your offspring with one of these names might land the poor child in trouble.

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