So here's the plan:
  1. Lose the weight.

    - I calculate I'm going to have to lose close to 6 stone in order to be back near my prime condition. That's 6 * 14 = 84 pounds. Or put it another way, two years of safe dieting. Today is beginning of week one.
  2. Daily Memory Exercises

    - The mind atrophies without use, and the most notable victim of this adaptive trait is the memory. I intend to keep mine sharp and clear and intact by remembering everything that happened during the day, and yesterday before I sleep. And recalling them in the morning before I work. Practice makes perfect.
  3. Mental Training

    - Visualisation stamina, and range training. Mental Arithmetic, and algebraic equations practice. Meditation, and mnemonisation regimen.
  4. Social Life Invigoration

    - Many of my friends are graduating this year, as did many last year. Keep in touch, write letters regularly, not just emails, send presents on important days, and meet regularly. People are important, and good friends can only be kept by being a good friend.
  5. Node till I Drop

    - At least two nodes per day on average. Not counting Day/Dream logs etc. It's important to recover from the 6 month long exile. My thoughts are coming to me more easily.