The South Pole -- it's there, a great icy, bleak, barren mass, and it's beckoning to me.

The National Science Foundation maintains a research center there, the Adumndsen-Scott South Pole Station. People come and go during the summer months -- approximately 130 -- and there is a team of approximately 28 scientists and support personnel who winter there: eight months in total isolation; no one gets in, no one gets out.

I heard about it a few of months back, and heard about it again today. And as last time, it fired my imagination, it beckoned to me, it called out to me:

Come, spend a year here in my embrace. Come, risk your life in up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit below zero temperature. Come, be a part of the community here. And then return, changed.

I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to go about pursuing this newfound dream; contacting the NSF will of course be a part of it, but I hardly meet their qualifications as listed on their website.

But I shall go. Because I have no choice.

The Pole beckons.