Who am I?
I can ask myself that millions of times, looking at what I think other people might think of me... but the answers allways have nothing to do with me.

I listen to punk rock, but I'm not a punk... I skate, but not enough to be good at it, I'm a geek, but I'm not trendy enough to keep up on news... I don't really care what you want to call me, or say about me... there's only one person who it matters to me what they think, but how do I know if they care?

Am I just being used? I have no way of telling... I love her so much, but this sucks. I'm sick of having to go searching for her and follow her around because she'd never do either for me.

I'm sick of her being so damned beautiful.
I want to know everything about her, I'm so interested in whatever she says, but does she care about me? I look around, see other couples cuddling, so happy to be together... are we that way? or am I giving her my atention, just to be ignored?

I know I look whipped.. I guess I am, but it doesn't matter cause I'd gladly do anything for her, I don't care what I look like to others... she's still the one that matters.

But I don't know if she knows that.