I hate traffic, and living in Miami, that's all I get. Today I had to go somewhere which usually takes about 15 minutes to get to. How long did it take during today's ridiculous traffic? Over an hour. No lie. I found out why too.

It seems that for a few days, the city is going to close down a major highway to shoot a scene for a movie. I checked it out in the newspaper, and yes, the highway is actually closed. They are filming Bad Boys 2. Well, thanks to that movie, traffic is going to be held up for a few days. I guess I'm just going to have to find an alternate route.

Well, some family members recently arrived from completing an Umrah (something similar to a Hajj, but not exactly). They brought back some Zamzam, which is always a good thing. They also brought back a bunch of other stuff, such as itr (a sort of alcohol-free perfume or cologne), some tasbeeh (a sort of string with 100 beads attached to it), and I think some clothes as well.

I just finished drinking the most delicious tea coupled with some awesome shortbread cookies. I'm sorry, but I'm not much of a coffee person. To me, coffee just tastes horrible. For me, it's tea or nothing. But then again, that's probably just my Pakistani background talking.

Some great news was broken to me today. My friend, who is the biggest No Doubt fan you can find anywhere, just informed me that they are going to play at the National Car Rental Center on October 29, 2002. No Doubt barely ever plays here in South Florida, probabnly because driving down here is such a hassle. You literally to go out of your way to get here (you have to drive all the way down Florida and then all the way back up). My friend is going to go for sure. I'm gonna try and go. Let's just hope the traffic clears up by then.