Razor Scooters are those small metal scooters that, at least in California, are taking over the streets. They are small, metal scooters, usually with brightly colored wheels that may flash. Fancy models may have brakes, wheelie bars, shocks, and all kinds of other nonsense. I find this fad completely baffling. From what i can tell, Razor Scooters are for people who find skateboarding to be too intimidating, but bikes to be too big, or too hard to use. Sometimes parents buy their kids these evil little things, because they are supposedly safer than skateboards. Kids enjoy doing variations on skateboarding tricks such as the ollie, although it seems much easier on the scooters.

There have been actual cases of big packs of skateboarders beating up herds of razor-scooter-kids - something i'd pay to see. Skateboards are much more useful in combat because they function as a lightweight bludgeoning weapon with hard metal 'trucks'. Its hard to hit someone with a razor scooter.
Unfortunately, the razor scooter trend has even spread to older people, I have seen people on the campus of UC Davis riding these things.

A razor scooter is the physical manifestation of the word Hella