Xootr 'Urban Transport' are the makers of a line of high-end collapsible scooters and also more recently the Xootr Swift folding bike.

Designed for adults rather than kids, the xootr features a wide base, full-size wheels (rather than the rollerblade wheels on kid scooters like the Razor Scooter, et. al.) and a high quality hand brake. The large, high quality wheels and professional quality construction really set the xootr apart from the pack. Like most kick scooters, the xootr is easily collapsible for transport on public transit or storage at work.

Personally, I found the xootr to be a stable, comfortable and efficient form of urban transport. But my mom liked it so much that I had to give it to her, and the outrageous duty that Canada Customs charged me the last time has made me reluctant to order another. But if you live in the United States, I highly recommend it.

Xootr has been reviewed positively in a wide range of magazines like TIME, Wired, GEAR and Fast Company (for the scooter) and Business Week (for the bike).

The story of founder Karl Ulrich's invention can be found online at http://www.fastcompany.com/online/37/faststart.html. The web site is http://www.xootr.com

Some of the Xootrs produced by the first licensee, Nova Cruz, had a problem with the plastic steering post cap cracking, which meant that the steering post would slowly collapse while the xootr was in use. The current-as-of-2007 licensee, Xootr LLC, offers an aluminum replacement cap kit on their web site for around $20 US.

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