Think it's not possible to get more nonsensical than the Zero Wing (mis)translation? Think again. After months of searching (and waiting) I finally found it on Is this word salad the schizoid ramblings of a man whose Wernicke's area has been damaged by analog cellular phones?

1P: Well, dem whole monkey twice the pudding octopi for ... tango man.
Note: octopi isn't the true plural of octopus; use octopuses or octopodes instead.
Salesman: I sense a little ... confusion.
1P: Yeah, very blender shoes cellular, scooter my daisyheads.
Salesman: You said ... cellular.
1P: Tiddly-day.
Salesman: Those cellular plans, they can really confuse you. (Hands 1P a communicator.) Here, the new Sprint PCS Free & Clear plan lets you choose one free option: long distance, nights and weekends, or wireless web.
1P: And all the calls are clear.
Salesman: Well said.
Eva: Choose one free option. Introducing the new Sprint PCS Free & Clear plan.
© Sprint

It's yet another one of those strange Sprint PCS commercials. AdCritic used to have it until they went pay ($70/yr) and streaming-only. If you want a copy, find me on MSN or AIM.

The phrase "scooter my daisyheads" was about as popular in its day (mid-2000) as "all your base are belong to us" was in early 2001. Coincidentally, this was just before the scooter fad.

Not to be confused with Daisyheads the band.
  • a rock band out of Australia

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