Out there in that intensity, in a vast blue methane atmosphere the little hydrocarbons crush themselves. At 4 million atmospheres, they'd have to. But they turn this crushing defeat into a pure shape, into diamond. All of us should be so lucky. Think -- your boss, your asshole roomate, your unfaithful lover -- as their pressure squeezes you, think. Think about it forming diamonds in your heart. Their edges will cut, there will be pain, but you will be left with diamonds.

Value your heart, its cuts, its scars, the more damaged it is, the more valuable. You can feel purely with a diamond heart. Look back on the pain, destruction, soul-wrenching, the broken tree limbs when you climbed too high for love, look back with fondness for the strength you had to survive it. Look back with love for the people who cared enough to create all that shit for you. Then look forward, move forward, with a bulletproof heart.