Evening swept in all tight but forgiving, Moon swung overhead but she left her ladder down
Darris sang like light bladed grass while I gauged distances with my spoon-telescope
Caught with instant recognition I grabbed the silvery tails of the Moon's ladder before she realized
She felt my tug and tried to sing me to sleep as I climbed, the moon has no other weapons
That close, the Moon shines deep into me, thought she was terror once, her softness consumes us now
Afraid, she was glad for the company, and we spoke in whispers about sorrow and serenity
I taught her to somersault, she taught me the seven secret signs of peace

Her laddertips soon brushed the cool grass and she said it was time to hide behind the earth
Returning to her delicate web i climbed down to where the details are
Walked the rest of the long night back to our faceted glass house

Darris spoke on my arrival "Where did you get these emotions ? This Tenderness? This Silver-White Joy? This Utter Solitude?

"Hush, I stole them out of the moon"

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