Driving home from Santa Barbara, eleven o'clock at night. Just saw a show on the Fallout Shelter movement in California in the 1950's and 60's. Just ate dinner with Quizro and his lovely wife at a superlative vegetarian restaurant in downtown SB. Before that, espresso and marzipan torte. Before that, the best burrito in my life in Ojai. A great day.

Driving home on the one aught one, eastbound, coasting down the easy side of the Santa Susana pass at a flat 90, when I see a white E-class Mercedes. The license plate reads: IGLOO CA. Inside, behind the wheel, is a silver haired man, the new man, an older me somehow temporally displaced in this time-bending luxury sedan. This is the older me, with silver hair and silver framed eyeglasses. At 90 mph, he looks left and I look right, and we smile at each other.

Then he hits it, and moves off like I'm sitting still.