While waiting for the game to load, why not read a book? No, not Moby Dick (sheesh, Ahab only went after a piddling whale! Have some ambition man! He should try a Tanar'ri or a Tarrasque, he'd need more than a fake leg after a meeting with one of them!). Instead read a book that'll prime you with extra knowledge of the Planescape multiverse.

For the more philosophical cutters try Pages of Pain by Troy Denning, so metaphysical it's liable to cause you to ascend to a higher plane of existance, or just send you barmy. For a more fast paced but still thought provoking read try The Blood Wars Trilogy by J. Robert King which includes a breath-taking invasion of Sigil by a vast force from the Abyss. In addition a novel version of the Torment plotline has been released.

For those new to the Planescape mileu some of the groups, technical terms and slang may seem wierd (as may the rest of the game come to think of it...). More information is available on Factions, The Cant (slang) and the Planes.