Dak'kon (voiced by Mitch Pileggi, Assistant Director Skinner on the X-Files)

Dak'kon is a Githzerai warrior from the CRPG Planescape Torment. He is hanging around in the Smoldering Corpse tavern, which is one area south of the Mortuary area. If you speak to him he can join your party.

Lawful Neutral

    HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
  33/33     6       18     17    16    16    13    13    13

Biography: My past is not known to you. It is not my will that you should know it. Know that I bear the scars of one who has travelled the Planes. Know that I have never rested long in any one place. Know that I bear the weight of one who has travelled far to be in this place. Know that I am a Githzerai. Know that I am of the people of Zerthimon. It was Zerthimon who knew the Githzerai before we knew ourselves. He knew what had to be done to free us. From his knowing, came action. From his knowing, freedom was born. The Githzerai ceased to be slaves and became a people. Know that I follow the Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon. His words are known to me. His heart is known to me. All that remains is that I know myself.

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