We have art to save ourselves from the truth.
--Friedrich Nietzsche--

Inferior, small, ugly, Black, poor, communist, and anti-democratic people would like to create a conspicuous and, at the same time naive, state-of-opinion whose infantile aim should be demolish the marvellous American ideal. In such a way, they -the awful subhuman beings- disseminate baseless reasons like the following:

1) Companies that have workers who die on the job continue to be met with fines. Criminal prosecutions are rare.

2) This is the price paid for living in corporate-dominated society: Wealth disparity, megamergers and the resulting consolidation of corporate power, commercialism run amok, rampant corporate crime, death without justice, pollution, cancer and an unrelenting attack on democracy.

3) From union-busting to food irradiation, from faulty air bags that kill but are kept on the market anyway to judges who take bribes, from the IMF to oil companies, from GM food -- wherever the corporate predators strike, argumentatative people are there, reporting from a relentlessly human perspective, sounding the alarm and calling people to learn.

Lies. Just manichean lies. And what a stupidity! Do superior people need be taught? No. Roundly no! They are the knowledge itself! They are of course the life motor. Governments have been -long time before- trained by corporations, and they now understand that people, subhuman species included, deserve only two things: bread and circuses.

The multinational corporations are the most powerful institutions of our time, fortunately dominating not only global economics, but politics and culture as well. The enormous influence of the corporations notwithstanding, the mechanisms of corporate control and the details of corporate power sources remain largely hidden from public perception. And so because of impervious public perception. Enough. People is busy enough eating the transgenic corporate bread, and enjoying the spilt blood on the corporation arena.