When creating a dictatorship (or otherwise totalitarian government) it is important to ensure that the masses of people (often referred to as the "unwashed masses") are properly subdued. Without measures taken, it is possible that your new-found dream of complete control over a body of people may fall to the wayside.

Important tactics in ensuring this goal: Restrict religious practices to worshipping only gods and goddesses which you have created. A fun way of doing this is to convince your subjects that you are, in fact, a god or goddess. This ensures that no other god shall come before you.

A strong will is often an effective defense against properly subjugating the mind. To ensure that your subjects are properly oppressed in this area, make certain "liberties" illegal, such as coffeeshops (revolutions start there). This not only strikes at the core of thought, but it also keeps your peasants off the streets, and in their workplaces, tending to their altars to you, and paying your enormous taxes.

Finally, in order clinch your grip on the throats of those that serve under you, create "holidays" that allow the people a breath of fresh air. These days allow you, as a dictator, to be as creative as you wish. Holidays allowing taxes to drop for the day, for example, can show your "softer side" and render your people completely loyal to you and your cause.

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