"Happiness is..."

The whole rotation started again. I seem to look at things in a bit of a different perspective; at times, the melancholy drama that subsists in my life gets stale, like the end of a loaf of bread, the piece that isn't quite good enough to make a sandwich with. Overall, the ebb and flow of my life varies enough to keep me on high alert, but once in awhile I get into a primordial groove, gliding along, following the rails and thinking everything is alright.

"And then, and then..."

And then it hits me. She's upset again. She's back to where we left off before. What's melancholy to me is sorrow and despair to her. For some reason, the brightest star in the sky can't seem to see her own light. Of course, all stars shimmering in the night sky are surrounded by nothing more than darkness, but it is their own light that repels it, creating something for the rest of us to marvel and wonder. She shines towards our eyes, but hangs her head to prepare for the enveloping night, thinking she has to shine brighter for all of us. You only ever have to shine brighter when you want to. Not everyone is always watching.

"Oh if I could fly..."

I would build a spaceship. I would take my craft to the heavens, pull her out of that night sky, and put her next to the sun. Then maybe one who shines so bright will be forced to shine brighter, just to outdo the blazing, blinding glory next to her. Or maybe I should sit with her on the moon, talking and loving and becoming closer as we speak. And maybe, just maybe, could I take her to the depths of the universe, to show her that not all is always lost in space and time.

"A broken, shattered mess..."

I want to clean up for her. She's just stardust now, stardust and embers, and she burns out. I am there, to sweep up the ashes, to relive the moments of brightness, of happiness and glory, and to stand there and wait for her to return to that, like some sort of Phoenix rising anew. I'll never understand the cycle, I'll never understand how someone who is a supernova can not see their worth, their beauty, their purpose. But I will always try to show it to you, my star, my satellite.

"Shine for me."