Truth! Justice! Freedom! And a Hard-boiled Egg!

Nr. 27 of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, this little masterpiece of popular literature gives everyone's favourite policeman, Samuel Vimes, the chance to reassure that the trousers of time are properly ironed and stretched: thrown into the past by an unfortunate magicometerological mishap, Vimes has to make sure that his younger self becomes the copper he is (will be) by taking up the identity of his former sergeant and teach himself, or else.

Confused ? I bet!

It doesn't help that Lu-tze, the sweeper, and Qu, maker of timechanging gadgets and a whole lot of other timemonks try to prod things along as well.

This is a fastpaced, action-packed novel which unfortunately completely lacks the wit or fun of earlier watch-novels and is considerably darker, with people dying left right and center.

Especially the first chapter reads more like Die Hard with a Vengeance than a Discworld Novel. We meet all the usual Ankh - Morpork characters, alas thirty years younger and witness the rise of Lord Snapcase and the Republic of Treacle Mine Road.

Unmissable for every Pratchett - Fan, but certainly too convoluted for beginners.

Terry Pratchett, Night Watch. Doubleday, 2002