A female dwarf in an asexual (disc)world

Cheery Littlebottom was hired as the first forensic scientist of the watch by Samuel Vimes during the golem - crisis. Vimes, unsure about the role Cheery was to occupy, gave her as much freedom in her job as possible. Her office is an old, smelly loo in which she performs her smelly experiments with the expertise she gained from the Guild of Alchemists.

She is introduced to the rules of city-watch by Sergeant Detritus, who takes a no-nonsense approach to racism (Dwarfs and Trolls have been waging a low key war for thousands of years: A bit like Israel and Palestine). On her first assignment, confronted with a dead priest with a head injury, she throws up all over the place: Dana Scully she ain't.

After making friends with the watch's very own blonde babe (and closet werewolf), she decides to come out of her own closet and display her femininity, something unheard of, as dwarfs really display themselves as asexual (and what anatomy is under the chainmail is nobody's business).

Cheery, later known as Cherry, asserts herself pretty quickly in the watch and later becomes invaluable and even makes it to shake the hands with the King of Dwarfs (who turns out to be female as well).

Which just confirms what we already knew by watching Dana Scully and Clarice Starling: Women make great agents!

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