The only member of the watch who from time to time has the nagging feeling that she should wear three bras at once!

Angua von Uberwald, although a copper in Discworld's Ankh-Morpork, is a babe.


She has a long, blond mane, she needed her chestarmour really hammered out there and there, and men tend to have wobbly knees when she's around. Although that might just be because her smile is a bit too broad, and she makes these deep, throaty noises that go directly onto terror centre in your brain.

You see, Angua, apart from being a babe is also a Werewolf from one of the most established families in Uberwald, and although her brother Wolfgang was a scheming bastard, she chose the other side of the law. Of course her parents don't approve of her being a mere copper, especially dating one. Even worse, her best friend is a dwarf.

She can change at any time into her "alter lupem", but is during the time of the full moon resigned to be a wolf, hence the allegory with the six bras. In her wolf state she is the deadliest weapon and the best nose the city watch has (well, maybe apart from Sergeant Detritus siege bow), and every member of the watch always carries a piece of silver with them. Just in case.

Although a valuable senior member of the watch, she is still only a mere sergeant (by Discworld Novel 27). Disgusting.

She is dating (sometimes hesitantly) Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson but so far refuses to start a family, as werewolf genetics are notoriously unstable.

Although Carrot wouldn't mind, she just doesn't want to look after a litter.

Terry Pratchett: Men at Arms, Feet of Clay, The fifth Elephant, Nightwatch; Monstrous Regiment, Going Postal, Thud 1995 - 2005

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