An interesting minor character from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. Count Giamo Casanunda (a not-so obvious play on Casanova) is an uncharacteristically foppish and romantic dwarf. Unlike most dwarfs on the Discworld, he has only a peripheral interest in mining, and is in fact slightly claustrophobic. Furthermore, he shaves his beard and wears fancy clothes, including a powdered wig that's almost as big as he is. Casanunda has a reputation as a great swordsman, a daring highwayman, an outrageous liar, and the world's greatest lover (well, second greatest. But he tries harder). He is certainly the most enthusiastic lover on the Disc, and possibly the only "ladies' man" (or ladies' dwarf, as it were) on the Disc who needs a stepladder.

He supposedly gained his title as a reward for aiding the Queen of Skund, but since Skund is just a patch of forest that is mainly inhabited by gnomes, woodcutters, and the occasional wicked witch, this is probably one of his more obvious lies.
In Witches Abroad and Lords and Ladies, he was involved romantically with, of all people, Nanny Ogg.

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