Guards! Guards! is the 8th book in the Discworld series, as well as the start of the Guards books. Many of the key Ankh-Morpork City watchmen are introduced or fleshed out for the first time in this book, including the then Captain Vimes (throughout most the series, however, he's known as Commander Vimes).

It seems that a secret cult in Ankh-Morpork is summoning Dragons to whip the citizenry into putting their patsy onto the long vacant throne. This doesn’t sit will with the current ruler, Lord Vetinari, the chief of the city watch, Captain Vimes, or Lady Sybil, the local keeper of swamp dragons (smaller, extremely fragile and combustible versions of the mythical ones). It also introduces Carrot Ironfounderson, the world's only six foot dwarf (he was adopted) who seems to have some strangely royal qualities....

Published by HarperTorch
Copyright 1989, Terry and Lyn Pratchett
ISBN: 0-06-102064-8

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