Brin Londo is the real name of Timber Wolf, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Brin's father, Dr. Mar Londo, created a group of intelligent androids to collect the element Zuunium from the caverns of the planet Zoon. He then used the Zuunium to endow his son with super-powers, like super-strength, super-agility, and super-speed. One of the androids, Karth Arn, became jealous of Brin and hypnotized Brin into believing he was the android and that Karth was the son. Brin soon left his home, seeking a place where he would not be known as an android.

Brin performed many heroic deeds on different worlds under the name Lone Wolf. He came to the attention of Light Lass and the Legion. With their help, Brin regained his memories and joined the Legion under the name Timber Wolf.

Timber Wolf has been romantically involved with Light Lass, but the relationship has cooled in recent years.