We spent the Friday afternoon through early Sunday morning in Atlanta, Georgia at my cousin's wedding. I had been asked to read during his wedding, so we did the rehersal, rehersal dinner, wedding, and reception. I am not that typically social and find long strung out events where I have to speak with people I don't know difficult, but for family, I guess you just suck it up and deal with it.

By the way, on a side note, during the wedding reception dinner, I saw a tradition I was unfamiliar with. While we were eating, some of the guests would begin to tap their glasses with silverware and the bride and groom seemed to be compelled to kiss. Now, it is probably just my cock-eyed way of looking at things, but I don't think having the guests of honor act like trained monkeys and kiss on command is really that great of a tradition. I come down firmly on the side of seeing this tradition disappear.

The only downside to the weekend is that we had to be back early on Sunday, because of our participation in an event at our church. This required that we get up well before dawn to make the three and a half hour drive back to Columbia. Since we were committed to being at church until about 12:30 in the afternoon, we opted to go and collect Sophie, our five month old Maine Coon kitten ( picture available on my homenode) from my wife's folks on the way in, rather than spend another two hours driving in the afternoon, and cutting into our nap time.

The path we took to my in-laws cut into rural South Carolina about the time the sun was coming up. Some of the images that greet you on a back road in South Carolina are:

The whole drive made me realized that a simple drive in a rural county in my home state can provide me with noding material for a week.