The Belief-O-Matic is a test offered on to discover exactly what religion you best fit to. There are 20 questions, each with at least three choices. Also, it asks the priority you place on these questions. So, for example, answering that you don't think Satan causes suffering, and putting a high priority on this, makes a difference than answering the same but putting a low priority on it. The questions range from basic beliefs in God, creation, and sin, to questions involving today's moral issues, such as abortion and homosexuality. This test really is useful. When I first took it, about 18 months ago, I had never heard of Unitarian Universalism, but it was listed as the religion I fit best in, and it actually described my beliefs very well. Using the priorities is important. Without the priorities, I get Liberal Quaker, which really isn't as good a match for me.

The only weakness in this quiz is that the site is a Christian one, so some of the questions are Christian-centric. Also, there are 10 variations of Christianity as choices, while only two of Buddhism. Still, this is a good test to see where you really stand.

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