A villain published by DC Comics. Captain Boomerang first appeared in The Flash #117 in 1960.

George Harkness was Australian by birth and was called by most of his friends Digger. Harkness grew up believing that he was the son of Ian and Betty Harkness. He grew up being mistreated by his father, and that led him to get into trouble, eventually leading him to scrapes with the law. Harkness did not realize that Ian Harkness was not his father. Years earlier, Betty Harkness had an affair with an American toy manufacturer named W.W. Wiggins. His father was aware of his wife's infidelity and resented Harkness for it.

When Harkness was caught by the law, his mother made arrangements with her "friend" Wiggins in the U.S. to have Harkness go to the states and work for him. Wiggins had begun to promote a line of boomerangs as toys, and employed Harkness as his spokesman: Captain Boomerang. Dressed in a cheesy costume, Harkness used his skill with boomerangs to promote Wiggins toys.

The new toy line was not met with rousing success and Harkness began to turn to crime to help pad his pocket. While in Central City, Harkness attempted to steal someone's wallet and the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen, attempted to stop him. Harkness threw one of his boomerangs, which nailed Allen. Seeing his success, Harkness began a series of crimes using boomerangs, until he was eventually captured by the Flash.

Harkness eventually became one of the Flash's Rogues Gallery, clashing with the Scarlet Speedster time and again. He began to use trick boomerangs that exploded, spread gas, or other special abilities. Captain Boomerang used giant boomerangs as traps and even for a time could throw himself like a giant boomerang.

After the Flash disappeared, Harkness became a part of the government team known as the Suicide Squad lead by Amanda Waller. Harkness was the worst of the criminals used by the Squad and always looked out for his own interest even if it meant others were hurt. For a time, Harkness used the outfit of his old partner in the Rogues Gallery Mirror Master to commit crimes while part of the Suicide Squad.

Harkness was approached by Abra Kadabra and offered great power as a member of the original Rogues Gallery. He accepted and fell afoul of a plot by the demon Neron to entrap the Flash. The original five members of the Rogues Gallery were killed and brought back to life as soulless killers with enhanced powers. The Flash eventually defeated the Rogues Gallery and got Neron to return them to normal.

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