Dial H for Hero was published by DC Comics and was created by Dave Wood and Jim Mooney. The series began in House of Mystery #156.

Robby Reed spied a couple of criminals committing a crime and fled the scene with the evil doers in hot pursuit. Robby sought refuge in a long abandoned cave and there discovered a dial similar to an old rotorary phone dial. One the dial were a number of letters and when Robby dialed the word H-E-R-O, he was transformed into a being with amazing powers. The trick to it was that the hero that Robby was transformed into varied with each use and he never knew who he would be. When he wanted to return to normal, he dialed O-R-E-H.

Robby used his powers for years fighting crime whenever he found it. On one occasion, Robby even became Plastic Man, though how and why this occurred was never explained. Robby eventually disappeared from the scene and was not heard from for a long time.

Later, a young man named Christopher King was exploring an old haunted house with his friend Victoria Grant. The two discovered two dials in this home, one on a wristwatch and the other on a pendant. Like the dial that Robby Reed used, these allowed the two teens to become different heroes with each use. Unlike the original dial, they were limited to having the powers for one hour.

Eventually, it was discovered that the two dials were created by a being known as the Wizard. The Wizard was created when Robby Reed used his dial and spelled out D-I-V-I-D-E. This caused Robby to split into a good Wizard and an evil Wizard. The good Wizard created the dials before he was destroyed by his evil counterpart. The two friends battled the evil Wizard and eventually were able to reform the good Wizard and merge them, bringing back Robby Reed.

For many years, Christopher King and Victoria Grant were not heard from. The two had drifted apart as they had grown older, but Victoria did not take the separation well. She fell in with a cult called the Children of the Sun and they fed her slighted feelings until she used the powers that the dial gave her to attack Christopher and the Teen Titans. Victoria was defeated and since this time Christopher has begun to switch from hero to hero every hour without any control of the power or without using the dial.