This is a true story.

A friend and I got hungry late one night, so we drove to a nearby Taco Bell for something resembling food. We ordered a bunch of stuff, and the total came to $6.66.

Well. Seeing as it was late at night and the guy taking our order through the intercom was bored, he got onto the topic of Hell. I forget what he said, except that the only thing available to drink there was "hot Heineken." My friend starting joking with him, telling him that she had Satan in the car. He didn't believe that, and asked us to drive up and get the food.

Did I mention that I am rather a large person, and at the time I had long hair and a beard? I put on my best Satanic look as we came up to the service window. The guy got one look at me and I saw genuine fear come across his face just before he fell to the floor.

Eventually he recovered and called his co-workers over to look at "Satan in the drive-through." We drove away feeling good about having brought some amusement to some bored fast-foodies.