Holy cow, your grocership, no-one has noded Dobie Gillis yet?

Ancient TV series, say around 1960, full name "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis", in which Dobie (played by Dwayne Hickman) chased girls. His best friend was a beatnik called Maynard G. Krebs (played by Bob Denver, later to be Gilligan).

It's an awfully long time since I saw it, but certain lovely quotes stand out. In one episode the coolly intellectual Zelda spoke Spanish. When Dobie expressed his amazement, "You speak Spanish?", she replied, "Pure Castilian, poopsie, none of your regional dialects". Oh yes, she called him poopsie.

Dobie's father was a grocer. He was given to saying, with quiet resignation, after Dobie had done something egregiously provoking, "I gotta kill that boy, I just gotta". Maynard addressed him with nonce-titles such as Your Grocership.

The fabulously rich preppie was called Chatsworth Osborne Junior; he was played by... by the chap who also played the increasingly drunken waiter in The Party (with Peter Sellers and Claudine Longet).