What teenage girls used to refer to tall, dark, and handsome celebrities, like Clark Gable, as. Dreamboat is a noun. It's synonomous adjective is dreamy. Usually said with a dazed look, stars in your eyes, as you press both of your hands together and hold it up to your cheek, swooning, and in a breathy voice say, "That Peter Jennings, he's a dreamboat!". I have no earthly idea where this term originated, although if anyone has any etymology information, feel free to contribute it. I am only here to provide correct usage. One should never use the word dreamboat in conjunction with a female. It is strictly used to describe males. There is a proper time and place to use it. It should almost always be used when standing in a group of girls, observing a mysterious man passing by (most commonly wearing a musky cologne that lingers behind him). Or if not, while at a slumber party, sitting on the floor in a circle with girls gossiping about the "cutest boy in school" and playing Kiss and Tell.

If term is used by a male, usually will instigate a well-needed bout of laughter by everyone in room.

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