So, things of note for today:

I made level 3, yay me!! (see rant below)
Chickenpox seem to be getting better!!
Set my clocks back an hour (did you?)
Played Soul Caliber for like 2 hours....
Learned that, while both are round, white, and made of plastic, my pill bottle cap and the cap on the cranberry juice are not interchangeable. Don't worry, I'm alright!

So about that rant mentioned above. As part of my quest for lvl 3, I decided to node some Enigma lyrics. You know... just because some people DONT like Enigma lyrics...they shouldnt downvote my writeups. I wouldnt have any issue if the persons responsible would send me a /msg explaining their position, but at this point I'm left without a clue who did it, and all I can gather is they're just jaded jerks who downvote nodes because they dont agree with what they say. Anyways, no need to get my ass in a knot over this, karma will have fun with them :) However, if you're a kind soul, and happen to like enigma lyrics, check them out... What I did was multi part.... First it was out of my devotion to the group Enigma, second it was for the Write ups to get to lvl 3 (hey, I'm a whore), and third, and rather unintintionally, it was a Nodeshell Rescue of The Cross of Changes.. oh well... life goes on :)

So, now I am left with what to do all next week. I'm thinking about reinstalling 3d studio max, I think i should probably try and keep up to date on that stuff, and reading Diamond Age has given me a few AWESOME ideas for static images, at least untill I master animation (I'll never post anything half assed) (yes, that was sarcasm) (yes, that was me mocking you)

Anyways, back to another night of wandering in and out of #everything, ta ta